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ABC Bad Reviews

 Good concept poor writing quality. 
I was very disappointed with this book, it looked really good from the blurb I read and it was a good concept, but it didn’t live up to my expectations. Although there was a lot of humor and some parts were very funny it seemed kind of immature for an adult read. The characters were of low intelligence and it would have been better if they were more realistic and the writing quality had been better. The spoof on Goldilocks was the best of the three stories included in the book. I volunteered to read and review an advanced copy of this book.


The book is written in three sections. The first section is an attempt to re-write the story of Adam and Eve in a smart humorous style However It was more like a Flintstones version of Genesis. There was some humor, a few glimpses of profound truths, but mostly uninteresting prattle The second section of the book was by far the best and the reason I gave it two stars, otherwise I was tempted to give it only one star Imagine the Coen brothers rewriting Goldilocks. Again, the best section of the three. The last section, a bizarre rewrite of Hansel and Gretel, was difficult to finish. I found the writing worthy of a grade school assignment, the ideas unimaginative, and the entire story pointless. I was looking forward to discovering some off beat smart humor, but only found disappointment.


Didn’t care for this book at all, I thought it was geared toward a younger crowd than the title suggests.


“I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book” the concept of the book was great but it was poorly executed. The stories were all over the place. I had to force myself to read this book.


 Two and a half stars

I really wanted to like this. I was so excited to receive an ARC of this that I dived right in. It says for adults, so I was expecting some dark humour and more adult writing. I don’t really feel like the books delivered on that. I was actually pretty disappointed whole rating this, especially because it read more like middle trade than adult. :-/

I’m sorry; I hate leaving harsh/bad reviews. Maybe this book just wasn’t for me. Other people seem to have greatly enjoyed it, while I ended up bailing halfway through because I wasn’t enjoying it.

I voluntarily reviewed this book after receiving an ARC