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Three books in one! Out of all the anthologies that contain three books, this is certainly one of those!

“The humor injected herein may not be your cup of tea. Or it may be precisely the cup of tea that you’ve been longing for. Only to discover there’s a bug in it.” -Bitter Critic

Did I mention this is three books???

“The best thing I’ve read since sliced bread!” -Name Withheld

Stories so twisted, they’ll make you question your own sanity.

“Lose my number.” -Agent

This book contains:
pie recipes
goats names Phil Collins
an angel named Peter Gabriel
a mechanic named Mike
the mafia
there is no mafia
that’s a myth
truck stops
man-eating pastries
a man eating pastries
an evil witch in a gingerbread house

This book does not contain:
crossword puzzles
pages for you to color
your mom’s home address
your social security number
complementary pencils

In the first installment of this new laugh-till-you-scream series, Marc Richard explores three worlds we all know through a clouded funhouse mirror. Familiar, yet strange. Surreal, yet all too real. Sweet, yet quite salty. And very, very funny. Stories that can only come from the wacky, cynical, not-right mind of a comedian/author you need to read to believe.

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