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Adam Bad Reviews

 Not funny at all
I bought this book expexting to have good laugh. Unfortunately that did not happen. The book was not written in smart, inteligent manner to make me laugh. I am atheist and all religious stories I perceive as myths or tails for children. As a result any mockery has to be written in smart way and other stories well written to be worth to spend the time reading them.This book became boring in one moment.
 Twisted Bible humor not funny.
okay, I really hate giving any book a bad review or a bad rating, and I knew what I was getting into so maybe it was my fault however there are just certain things you do not mess with and the Bible is one of them this was blasphemy I did not find it funny at all I found it really sacrilegious, but wait you’re like well you read the whole thing so you’re stupid if your feelings were like this, your probably right but like everybody I am allowed to make a few mistakes every once in awhile, I do have two of his other books and I’m hoping they’re better, just the Bible you shouldn’t mess with that and yes I do have a sense of humor but when it comes to trying to alter the Bible no sorry. I was given this book free and choose to give an honest review
 not worth reading otheres in series
mildly amusing
 Three Stars
Not impressed with the stories I read. I didn’t read the entire book to be fair though
 Clever? Not much
There were a few clever plays on words but many “jokes” were childish and funny at the 2nd grade level. I’m a bit resentful at the waste of time but at least it was short
This has to be one of the strangest books I’ve read for a long time. Seemed very immature in lots of places. Certainly wouldn’t bother reading anymore.