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Dave The Invaders Bad Reviews

 This review caused me a great deal of pain and retrospection
This review caused me a great deal of pain and retrospection. Still I have to write the review I feel is necessary. If you come to this book because you like weird, strange stories then you found the right place. If however you like science fiction with a story that progresses from the beginning to the end, not so much. I am truly sorry to say I hated this book. I even read it through thinking it was just me and I would like it later on. I did not change my opinion. I wish I had just put it down when I first had that feeling it wasn’t for me. So please do some consideration before you pick this up.


 Adult Swim meets future dystopian comedy world

If you enjoy stories that read like an Adult Swim cartoon, this rather short (serialized) book may be for you. If you are not one who enjoys shows like The Family Guy, South Park, etc. I would not recommend it. The characters are goofy, the plot is light and weak, and the vulgar language is over the top excessive. This book is not for anyone easily offended by vulgar language or childish poop jokes.

The story itself is unique and somewhat humorous like “Agent to the Stars”, without the things that made that book entertaining for me. This book for me was all over the place and could easily be listened to by some with ADHD as it continued to jump around like a dog seeing a squirrel. It was difficult for me to focus or take the book seriously; although it is a comedy I still wanted more depth.

The book, like TV cartoon comedies, attempts to insult nearly ever people group or subject. It deals with gender issues, racism, illegal immigrants, etc. Again, if you are offended by this material, I would say this book is not for you.

The narration of this book was done by Davis Dear, which was a new narrator for me to listen too. He currently has a mix of book genres found on Audible, most of them shorter works; three hours or less. The audio was well produced and I could not find any artifacts such as pops, clicks, or swallows while listening. Mr. Dear was able to voice the different characters and their inflection quite well. He gave the book’s characters’ life and made them unique in their own way. I would listen to other audio materials by this narrator in the future.

Disclaimer: This book was provided to the reviewer by the author, narrator, or publisher in exchange for posting a non-bias review.


 Not 2030 Enough
Style is distracting, and the speakers are obviously set in mid 2010s instead of 2030. Think of how much technology and culture has changed in the last 15 years – things that seem relevant now will fade to obscurity by 2030, and technology will have grown exponentially.

I cannot fault Mr. Richard for cautiously not making predictions to make his book seem as if it actually set in 2030, but what results is the book obviously being written in this day and trying to pretend it is set in the future.

I stopped reading after the chapter of shameless self-promotion (complete with links to each book’s Amazon page — will Amazon even be a thing in 2030?), about 23% of the way through. I did not dislike the book, but I didn’t like it enough to feel the need to finish it.