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Franks Wurst is made of peeeeeeople!

My name’s Maria Shelton. I’m a cop.

…Well, private investigator, really.

….Ehh, no, I have no formal training or anything.

…Because I’m bored, that’s why.

In these last few generations, the world has seen such devastation.

The population has grown out of control. Resources are depleting. The horror of it all.

The solution?

Designer children.

Parents surrender their children from birth so that new ones can be made from the best parts.

Yeah, like Frankenstein.

The ones who aren’t so lucky grow up “Normal”.

Like me.

Lower class.

Unable to land good jobs.

Mistakenly killed by police with greater and greater frequency.

Some of us disappearing without a trace.

The world is almost out of food.

Frank’s, the popular hot dog chain, is no longer selling their world-famous wieners. Meat is no longer available.

Enter “Franks Wurst”, a new superfood sausage made up of plankton and God knows what else.

But I’m getting a feeling I know what “what else” is.

And I’m going to prove it if it’s the last thing I do.

And it just may be the last thing I do.


It’s Frankenstein meets Soylent Green. Mary Shelley meets Charlton Heston. A crazy tale that you’d come to expect only from this author.


By the way, he can’t tell you what Franks Wurst is made of, but what he can say is it is not not people.