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Harms Way Bad Reviews

 This was worse than the worst horror movies from the 80s and not in a fun way.
I thought I would love this book since I love cheesy horror movies. Nope. I had to force myself to finish the book. I hope others find it more enjoyable than I did.


I just thought this way about dark storys, But I was wrong. Their was soooooooo many curse words in each paragraph!!!! This was interesting but still too many curse words!
I think you should read this book with a risk, 1 You might start cussing


 Waste of time
Unfunny, horrible, waste of time .




 just WTF?
Seriously, if there’s any real attempt at framing the humor here it’s not working. The author wants to skewer teen-slasher flicks with a rapier that a Douglas Adams might use but instead comes up short with a gross-out attempt more akin to a tire iron to the shin. I kept waiting for a glimmer of wit but just kept finding what passes for midle-school fart humor.
Don’t bother!

If I was 25 years younger and someone snuck this to me in homeroom, maybe I’d enjoy it; I doubt the target audience for this book is middle-aged adults. The plot is paper thin, it’s vulgar at best at some points, and it’s terribly difficult to want to read. In one of the short chapters it was as if the author was making up female anatomy from what he’d heard from his 13-year-old virgin classmates. It was too contrived to be funny, too vulgar to be horror, and too flimsy to be a narrative. This book came up short in every category. I started reading it with high hopes but I had to force myself to finish it. There’s nothing redeeming about this book except maybe the incredibly short chapters. Makes it easy to find stopping points to put the book down and come up for some oxygen.

I always say that every experience has value, but I think I finally had a experience that doesn’t. Save your money and skip this book. You’ll probably get more out of reading a foreign-language dictionary cover to cover.


I’d give it negative stars if I could