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Harms Way Bad Reviews

 This was worse than the worst horror movies from the 80s and not in a fun way.
I thought I would love this book since I love cheesy horror movies. Nope. I had to force myself to finish the book. I hope others find it more enjoyable than I did.


I just thought this way about dark storys, But I was wrong. Their was soooooooo many curse words in each paragraph!!!! This was interesting but still too many curse words!
I think you should read this book with a risk, 1 You might start cussing


 Waste of time
Unfunny, horrible, waste of time .




 just WTF?
Seriously, if there’s any real attempt at framing the humor here it’s not working. The author wants to skewer teen-slasher flicks with a rapier that a Douglas Adams might use but instead comes up short with a gross-out attempt more akin to a tire iron to the shin. I kept waiting for a glimmer of wit but just kept finding what passes for midle-school fart humor.