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At long last, a horror-comedy novel that redefines the terms horror and comedy. And novel

Inside you will find such old tropes as:

A cabin in the woods
A murderer with a creative flair
An old timey private eye
An unnecessarily lengthy game of cribbage
A serious examination of the ongoing problem with racism in this country
A dead girl skewered on a newel post

This book does not have:

Instructions on how to attend a live taping of The Price is Right

As a bonus, this book contains:

A hidden puzzle so you can find out who the killer is yourself!


As a super added special bonus, this book does not contain:

Even more smut.

Harm’s Way is a horror-comedy originally penned by Sam Raimi’s twin brother, Aaron Elvis Raimi, who died at birth.
It reeks of classics like Evil Dead, Silent Night Deadly Night, and Student Bodies.

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