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Six out of Five Bad Reviews

 This Author…. I Just Can’t Even. 
I consider myself a pretty well-read person and Marc Richard is the only author I’ve stumbled across that I actually want to punch for wasting my time. Degrees of Separation was about as compelling as a cat licking itself while sitting in a weird position. But being the person I am despite setting this book down several times for almost a week, I persevered and made it through and was rewarded by…..a really empty sense of self-accomplishment.
Not being a quitter and actually having spent money on this set I decided to forge on and read Harm’s Way, the only book I was able to get through that warranted the two stars. It was interesting enough in a WTF way, that again I continued on. I wish I hadn’t. I literally cannot remember a thing about Those Eyes. I’m sitting here questioning if I even read it, but if they were in the same order as presented here then I must have because I know I barely made it through It’ll End in Tears and that’s where it ended.
If you’re the kind of reader that that likes self abuse, then by all means give this author a try but considering the vast options out there, I really wouldn’t give this a second glance.


 just not funny, maybe if they were 1/2 or 1/4 the … 
I gave it a 3 based on the first book, that was odd, quirky, lot of neat little tie-ins, unexpected stuff, really original. I always finish books, but the second and third books I was unable to finish. Juvenile, overwrought, just not funny, maybe if they were 1/2 or 1/4 the length, IDK, but I tried skipping ahead in both, it was all more of the same, like a good thing taken way too far. And I did take the professional reviewer’s advice and not try to read it straight through, I understand that, I’d read a bit, then read another book and come back to it. I started the 4th, but it didn’t look promising, not sure if I’ll ever come back to it. If I do and the last couple amaze me, I will amend my review. I would have given the first book a 5, if you can buy it separate.


 Bad trip
I was asked to read one of the books for my opinion.
Be careful what you wish for.I chose “Degrees of Separation”.
The set was described as “bizarro fiction meets South Park”. I’ll admit I am not a fan of South Park,
but I couldn’t see it. And I don’t know what bizarro fiction is. Sounds interesting, though.
This book was not.

I quickly figured out the author’s theme for each chapter, and by chapter 15,
I checked the TOC to see how close I was to the end. There are a total of 46 chapters… groan. No way.
By chapter 15 the repetitive “hook” had become tedious.
What was mildly entertaining in the beginning, only got worse.
There are some witty and wry observations from time to time, but not nearly enough.

I moved to the last chapter in hopes of getting some understanding, some purpose.
My impression of the book’s theme was confirmed, but the purpose for writing the book got weaker and weaker.
I was as dissatisfied as another reviewer by the end, and my “punch” is this review.
Travis, it’s good that you apologized so much, but I don’t accept your apology.
(You’ll understand if you make it through to chapter 46.)

As I was reading I tried to identify my reaction to the book.
Although, I don’t know from first hand experience, this book is like taking acid and having a bad trip.
Yes, Travis, you could have made other (better) choices for your journey.

I decided to read a couple of pages of “Harm’s Way” because I really wanted to be fair.
“Acid” figured largely by the second page. The irony was not lost on me. Sorry, Mr Richard.


 One Star
Too bazzar for me.